Adaway Apk Download for Android – App Features 2016

adaway apk download

We all hate ads, Don’t we?

We end up installing several extensions on the browsers installed on our PC to get rid of them but have you ever thought of blocking ads on your mobile phone! Adaway Apk here helps us to get rid off annoying ads on our android mobiles.

adaway apk download

Many websites install pop up ads which make the user irritated! This thing becomes a nightmare when you are surfing the web on your mobile devices (Especially low-end devices).

Most of the browsers on our cell phones do not support any extensions but, it is possible now! But, if you want anything, you need to give something too!

Don’t worry as it is a 100% free method but the thing which you need to perform before blocking ads on your mobile phone is to root it! Yes, you need to have a rooted Android device to block ads on your android phone!

The only thing which can help you block ads on your android mobile phone is Adaway!

Adaway Apk blocks several hosts file which results in the block of ads! Adaway works on any browser and does not need you to install anything other than the Apk file itself! (Or some more file to block host files!)

But, it needs your android device to be rooted. So, follow the steps below to root your device!

  • Charge your mobile phone minimum 80% to prevent errors!
  • Download and install kingoroot on your PC from www.kingoroot.com
  • Connect your Android phone with your PC via USB connection.
  • Now, open kingoroot and let the app install important drivers and files, or wait until a button labeled as ‘root’ is available there.
  • Press on root and wait for it finish. Your phone might restart several times but don’t worry!

Note: I am not responsible if your phone takes any damage. Perform this process under your own risk!

Adaway App Features

Here are the best features of Adaway app

  • In my opinion, Adaway apk is the best application to block ads and another thing which makes it the best that it is super easy to setup!
  • Adaway works on browsers and as well as applications too! So no more annoying ads when you are playing your favorite games!
  • It even blocks ads from Facebook in the browser as well as the mobile application.
  • Not risky at all! Keeps all your data 100% safe!

How to Install Adaway on Android

  • Download the Adaway apk file by clicking here.
  • Install the application by on screen instructions and don’t forget to turn on unknown sources!
  • Click on download files and enable ad blocking
  • You are ready to go!


Adaway is a great app and I would suggest everyone to use it if they hat ads!

Stay Tuned for more!


6 Best Toilet Seats to Choose in 2016

best toilet seats

The Best Toilet Seats of 2016: An Overview

Best toilets is something each one of us look for in our Bathroom. Here in this article at OccupyLeeds, we’ve presented some unique toilet seats ideas for you all.

best toilet seats

best toilet seats


Today, everyone tries to show him perfect in front of others. And if I am not wrong, you are also among those persons who give their best to present themselves. The same apply to your home also. Whenever any outsider enters your home, he firstly looks at your home decoration and thus creates a mindset about you as per your home interior design. The toilet, for example, also comes under his review about your home. But, the fact is most of the people including us neglect the toilet part while designing of the home. This can draw a powerful impact on your guest if he/she didn’t like your toilet room design.  So, today with this post, I will make you think differently on the topic of ‘Toilet Decoration’. Do you know which part is the most sensible one in your toilet?  Is it bathroom faucets or shower head? Or you think of towel rail?

No, if you are on the sides of these things, then you are wrong. Let me tell you the right option.

The ‘Toilet Seats’ are the best thing to go with the bathroom that will change the entire look.

Why do you need a Best Toilet Seat?

Suppose, you have maintained your house in a very proper way and all the things inside your house are adding plus points to your house interior decoration. But have you ever think that what if a new person in your house goes in the washroom and experienced a bad toilet seat? How would he feel?
The bad design of toilet seat in your bathroom will cover up the whole interior decoration of your house.
So, why to take a chance? Just go through the article and find the best toilet seats for yourself.

Types of Toilet Seats and its Dimensions

On searching over the internet, I basically found two types of toilet seats; round and elongated toilet seats. Both are of different size with the elongated toilet seat as the bigger one and the round toilet seat as smaller.

A round toilet seat has dimensions of about 16.5 inches, while elongated seat measures around 18.5 inches. But, it should be kept in mind that when it comes to the shopping of best toilet seat, you should not go with the question between round or elongated toilet. The reason behind that is the toilet seats can fit on any of the given two sizes.

How to Choose the Best Toilet Seats?

This is the very first question that you think of once decided to buy a good toilet seat. And it’s genuine. You also know that there is no particular way to decide or choose the best toilet seat for you as nobody knows which toilet seat can do the work for you. But one basic way is to choose from wood or plastic seats. There are also other factors but that depends on your way of purchasing toilet seats. One of them is ‘Warranty Advantage’. But this is not the same with all the toilet seat manufacturers.

The other best way is to find out the product with most positive reviews by the customers. You can read online reviews about your product of choice and can compare with other similar products. But remember, any product you choose, that will always have some pros and cons according to the product. So, it is on to you how you choose and do the cautious shopping.

To provide you with an idea and making things easier for you, I have reviewed 7 products here. Check it out!

6 Best Toilet Seat Reviews

#1) KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

  1. Kohler K-4694-0 is among 3 best toilet seat producing company & its product ‘KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood Elongated Toilet Seat’ is one of its best products. The toilet seat has been designed traditionally and its wooden design will give you comfort and reliability. It is a compression molded wooden toilet seat.
  2. The color of KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood toilet seat is the main attraction for its customers. The color theme of the toilet seat is ‘striking white’. It does not fade or scratch with the time.
  3. The plastic hinges of the KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood toilet seat are durable having rust resistant nature. Also, they are easy to install on all types of toilets. You must purchase an original product with

This seat is best, that’s why we’ve listed it at #1, keep reading for more toilet seats 2016:

#2) Kohler’s warranty of 1 year

Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat

  1. Ranking the list at second, Mayfair 48E2 000 is made of molded wood and finally given a beautiful striking white color theme. It is a commercial setting based toilet seat. Having a rounded design, it is a USA made product.  The seat is provided with lift-off hinges that are convenient for use. It is very easy to clean the toilet seat.  Also, the price is very much affordable.
  2. The toilet seat ‘Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close’ dominates other toilet seats due to its STA-TITE fastening system. This feature ensures that the seat does not wobble.

#3) Bemis 19601CP 378 Natural Oak Wood Toilet Seat

  1. Buying this toilet seat will complete your nature calling wish.  Hinges are very beautifully made for this seat & are noticeable. Most importantly, if you have given an oak wood finish in your commode, then ‘Bemis 19601CP 378’ toilet seat is best for you. Also, you can fit Bemis 19601CP 378 Natural Oak Wood Toilet Seat on any toilet size. The shiny look of the seat never goes away over time.
  2. Over the time, there may be issues if wood cracks down. You have to be careful with the pressure you will exert on the toilet seat.

#4) KOHLER K-4695-0 Ridgewood Toilet Seat

  1. KOHLER K-4695-0 Ridgewood can be the best product for you saving your 100s of dollars. It offers an experience of a safe, hygienic and relaxing bathroom. The molded wood used for manufacturing the seat is of the good quality grade. Being warm, it has color matching hinges supporting the colossal weight. The durability of the product is good enough to buy. It is round in shape and white themed. It is very easy to install the seat.
  2. Being warm in nature, it does not crumble under high pressure. You will find that old traditional design of toilets in the product.

#5) Bemis 500EC000 Toilet Seat

  1. Bemis 500EC000 is a versatile toilet seat having rounded shape. It is made up of molded wood with a comfortable and warm body. The hinges and other accessories used in the product are of top grade making it the reliable one. The product stability and its non-staining design are so good to use it in homes and hotels as well. Installing the seat is very simple. Cleaning is also made very easy.

#6 American Standard 5311.012.020

  1. American Standard 5311.012.020 is another one of the best company & its product ‘Laurel 5311.012.020’ is among its best launch. It has an elongated design with a comfortable toilet seat. It is made of high-gloss-molded wood of premium-grade. The color theme is striking white.  The durability of the product is also good. The seat comes with a dual-faced adhesive washer and standard bolts that are easy to install. The seat is weight-independent. It remains warm for over a year.
  2. So, if you are planning to buy a cheap plastic toilet seat that breaks out suddenly, you should purchase this model instead of that plastic seat.


In my opinion, it has been never easier to buy a toilet seat for you. You have to take care of a number of things in mind before buying to avoid any wrong product. For example, say your washroom decoration. You should prefer a seat that suits your bathroom looks. Choosing between wood and plastic toilet seats correctly can also bring a positive change in your experience. Buying plastic seats can save your money at all. Also, cleaning is easier with plastic seats. So, buying the best toilet seat needs a lot of cautious preference and consideration.

The products I have reviewed in the above post gives you only a small clue about the products ranging in the market.  Rest is up to you.


Hostnine Coupons Codes & Hosting Review September 2016

Hostnine Coupons : Selecting out a perfect web hosting provider for your site is one the most difficult task today. With thousands of hosting providers available claiming to be best, this task becomes even more difficult. Thus it is necessary to have someone’s advice over choosing the right web hosting provider. If you too are looking for a good hosting provider for your site, then this post is written for you. In this article we have given a proper review about Hostnine which is one of the best hosting service available today.

About Hostnine

Hostnine is a web hosting company which was founded in the year 2006. Since then the company is providing a reliable and trustworthy services to its customers around the globe. This company provides hosting at reasonable prices which can easily be afforded by anyone. The company has a fabulous customer support which is available 24/7 at the service of  its users. You will get instant reply for your mails and quick suggestion of your every query. Hostnine guarantees 99.9% uptime for the users working with this web hosting provider. Hostnine offers a no. of hosting plans for its users such as reseller hosting, shared hosting, Dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. You just need to go to Hostnine to find out a Hosting plan of your desire. 

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Features Of  Hostnine :-

Here are some Features of Hostnine Hosting:-

Plans & Pricing

Hostnine gives adaptable decisions offering four distinct plans for both shared and reseller Hosting, and three options to look over for dedicated hosting. These plans allow users to choose the option that suits them best, without paying for space and bandwidth capacity they needn’t bother with. While numerous hosts offer a lot of space and transfer speed that numerous people will never utilize, Hostnine offers a sensible sum that is satisfactory for most.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting plan provides a little less space and bandwidth, But it is pretty good for an average user. Despite the fact that it seems that they could give more to the cost, what they charge is certainly well for what they offer, as they give numerous features.

Reseller Hosting

Hostnine reseller plan offers a great feature. Hostnine allows its users to choose whether they would like their reseller site to be physically hosted. This allows the customers to manage multiple servers to controlled from one location. Due to which the customers wouldn’t be in trouble if one of the server fails. Reseller plan too offers slightly less space and bandwidth.

Dedicated Hosting

Hostnine also has plans for the users who are in need of dedicated servers. They have different dedicated plans for the users which offers numerous useful features. The dedicated plans include WebHost Manager, the industry-standard control application for dedicated hosting administration. The dedicated plans can be operated in three different operating systems wiz CentOS, RedHat, and Windows.

Control Panel

In order to allow a user to control his/her hosting account, Hostnine provides a standard C panel to its user through which they can easily control their  hostnine hosting account. With the help of this C panel a user can efficiently control his emails, databases, security and more of his hosting account. 

Reseller account holders are also provided a C panel through which they can control the database of each site they host. 

Customer Support

Hostnine has a amazing customer support for the users available 24/7 providing availability of services for its customers. They have instant replies for your queries and problems. Hostnine customer support responds quickly to its customer’s emails. They claim to provide regular help via phone, live chat, email and instant messaging. 

Once you have got your hostnine plan, Feel free to email hostnine about any query and problem. They will surely respond to it.

Hostnine Coupon Codes

Hostnine is among the popular names in the hosting industry, It offers various plans to its users and that too at quite affordable prices. You can also use Hostnine Coupon Code 2016 to buy hosting plans at discounted prices. 

Here are some hostnine coupons:-

  • Hostnine Coupon Code for web hosting for 1 cent (First Month):

Coupon Code = 1cent

  • Hostnine Promo Code for $25 Off on annual cost of unlimited shared package:

Coupon Code = 25off

For using these coupon codes, you just need to choose your desired hosting plan. After that you would need to enter the required details and proceed to the checkout screen. At checkout screen, just put in the Hostnine Coupons Code September 2016.  You will see that the original price is being discounted. After that just buy the plan and that’s all !! I hope you got the best hostnine coupons, keep visiting occupyleeds for more.

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After considering all the above points we have concluded that Hostnine is a perfect web hosting service which allows its users to host a site at reasonable prices. It has some effective features which can be helpful for a user. It provides security to a site guaranteeing to be totally free from hackers and malware attacks. Its team of experts is there to help you out of any trouble. With a friendly and helpful customer support it can considered as one of the best hosting service. 

We have also provided a few coupon codes which would discount the prices of your desirable plans. The user would need to enter these codes at the checkout screen while making payment to buy a plan at a price lower than the original price. So this was our post about Hostnine and its discount coupon codes. If you are facing trouble while using these codes then let us know in the comments below. Keep visiting to know more about hostnine coupons. Bookmark this site for more.


Plenty of Fish Login | Sign up & Sign in Guide 2016


POF Login : Struggling to locate your sought affection??? Not able to locate the best internet dating website??? Dont stress, with the appearance of web every one of the things are conceivable. So this can likewise be conceivable. Markus Frind, the CEO and Founder of PlentyOfFish Media Inc. has begun an internet dating website in the year 2003.

Plenty Of Fish is a standout amongst the most well known web dating website. It works verging on like that of locales like Tinder and Meet Me. In the year 2015, PlentyOfFish was sold for an incredible $575 million to The Match Group who is the proprietor of Match.com, OKCupid and Tinder



Plenty Of Fish is additionally generally known as POF Login. It has about served a huge number of individuals online who are looking for adoration. There are very nearly 100,000,000 enlisted clients on POF site. POF site gets around 2 Billion a month. Markus Frind had expressed that around one million infants had been conceived as a consequence of the site.

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So this site is for those who are attempting to discover their perfect partner. PlentyOfFish really has an element called as Chemistry Predictor which basically bargains about how to really participate in a discussion with an obscure individual and how to build up a decent relationship and so forth.

Here are a portion of the ranges where PlentyOfFish predicts your level of chemistry

It predominantly evaluate on five noteworthy parts of identity that are especially fundamental for building a sentimental relationship.

  • Fearlessness: This evaluation was made to gauge the degree to which an individual feel great with him or herself.
  • Family Orientation: This appraisal was produced to gauge how much a man have a family introduction.
  • Poise: This measurement measures the degree to which a man applies control over sundry parts of their lives and the lives of others.
  • Openness: This measurement measures the degree to which a man is interested in and subordinate upon other individuals.
  • Easygoingness: This measurement takes advantage of qualities connected with being casual and mentally adaptable.

Depending upon these outcomes POF creates matches for you from a factual model taking into account a large number of fruitful couples who have taken our science test. These factual model picks coordinates that you’re particularly sure about.

So now you have some information with respect to the PlentyOfFish. A large portion of the clients have discovered a few troubles “Plenty Of Fish Signup“. So our group has chosen to share a complete info on it.

  1. Head over to the PlentyOfFish Login site or you can sort www.pof.com in the location bar.
  2. You will see a Register choice on the top most right corner.
  3. When you click Register PlentyOfFish Signup page appears.
  4. Presently you require fill some of your subtle elements to enroll with PlentyOfFish site.
  5. Enter any of your wanted username. POF Username ought to be one of a kind.
  6. Presently add another solid secret key to use in POF.com. You ought to utilize a blend of capitalized, lowercase, exceptional characters and numbers to make your secret word secure.
  7. Enter your email address. To the entered email address a check mail will be sent. You have to enter it twice.
  8. Fill in your own points of interest like age, sex, date of birth, nation and ethnicity.
  9. Enter the human check code and tap on “I agree”After filling every one of the points of interest, snap on submit catch.
  10. In the wake of completing up the enrollment procedure you will get a check mail to you email address which you have entered amid the enlistment procedure. Presently open your mail record and tap on the confirmation join, if by chance you couldn’t discover the confirmation join from POF.com login check spam organizer of your mail. By doing this your record will be checked.

The most effective method for Plenty Of Fish Login

  • You have to make a beeline for login page of PlentyOfFish.com. Basically glue this url www.pof.com on your program.
  • Presently you ought to enter your username and secret word that you have given amid the registration procedure
  • And afterward hit Login
  • That is it you have effectively signed into your POF account.

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PlentyOfFish is accessible to both Android and iOS stages for nothing. There are a few extra elements that are given in PlentyOfFish Mobile application. Some of them are

  1. It utilizes the versatile GPS highlight, there is a component called “Discovering Mobile User Near You” in POF portable application.
  2. By utilizing this astounding element, you can without much of a stretch find versatile clients close to you. POF versatile application highlight can likewise permit you to discover a date close to your present area.
  3. You can search for POF users near 500m distance range.
    This Finding Mobile User Near You feature is very much accurate and is helpful for users who are willing to date people near to them.
  4. You can even block someone on POF from mobile app.

Final Words

I hope the guide shared above on “How to Signup for Plenty Of Fish” as well as “Login into Plenty Of Fish”. A tip from our side: Always try to be unique in all the aspects. The key thing that you need to follow to impress a girl is just make her feel special either by surprises or by words. Make sure you dont mess up things during your date 🙂 Bookmark this site for more


(*iRoot] Apk Download for Android, PC Windows 7, 8, 8.1

download iroot apk

iRoot Apk Download:  It is one of the best android rooting application which may take care of your issue. Attempting to locate the best android rooting application for android??? At that point you have arrived in the perfect spot. For the individuals who haven’t got any thought regarding rooting… then here is a brief data with respect to it. Rooting helps you allow full access to your android phone. All the more basically, by rooting a phone permits you to do each change you need to done in your gadget effortlessly.

download iroot apk

download iroot apk

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iRoot app PC form is additionally performing admirably when contrasted with its android kin. iRoot for PC has gotten to be one of the effective android rooting instrument. Utilizing iRoot PC programming, we can root our android mobiles effortlessly. In android root instruments, iRoot is the exceptionally well known and famous device and now it is running more than 1.5K+ android mobiles and on Tablets.

So our group has chosen to share a point by point guide “On the most proficient method to download iRoot Apk” for Android and in addition to PC as well

iRoot Features

  • You can have the capacity to hinder the restrictions of your Android gadget’s entrance. Get the most recent Android highlights.
  • You can have a decision of introducing your own custom ROMs which can totally change your Android skin. You can even introduce the most recent adaptation of Android before others.
  • You can remove of some pointless applications and bloatware that the makers need to stay at whatever time. Make your Android more agreeable.
  • You can expel disappointing Ads in Apps.
  • A single tick to piece the majority of the irritating advertisements in your downloaded applications. Not any more aggravating when you play recreations.
  • You can access some cool blocked elements
  • Get overhauled with most recent Beta Android working framework, and other new components before they are discharged.
  • You can truly Boost Device Performance
  • Introduce an application like One Cleaner which can naturally rest applications you are not utilizing expel the garbage records.

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Download iRoot Apk

  1. Here is a regulated instructional exercise about downloading iRoot Android apk for nothing with no issues.
  2. Before downloading iRoot Apk ensure you go to Settings – > Security – > Unknown sources (squeeze OK)
  3. Head over to this connection to download iRoot Apk. Click Here
  4. Download takes a while..once you complete up downloading iRoot Apk then you can straightforwardly introduce it.
  5. After the application gets introduced on to your gadget. Launch the application
  6. As you soon as you launch the app you will right away see the option “Root”. You just need to tap on it.
  7. That’s it you have successfully rooted your android device.
iroot download

iroot download

iRoot Download for PC

  • Head over to this connection to download the iRoot PC application. Click Here.
  • After the download gets finished introduce it on your PC.
  • After install procedure is finished, launch the application.
  • Presently you have to interface your android gadget to PC utilizing a USB link.
  • Before you interface your gadget to PC, you have to empower USB troubleshooting. To empower this you have to
  • Click Menu on your gadget and go to your Settings application.
  • Go to About Phone.
  • Click Build Number up to 7 times. On the third snap, you will get the message “You are currently 4 stages far from being an engineer”. After the seventh snap, you will get a message that says “You are currently an engineer!” The Developer Options will now show up in your Settings application right above About Phone.
  • Once your gadget is associated with PC now you simply need to snap root.
  • That is it you have effectively installed on your gadget.

Last Words

I trust this point by point guide “On the most proficient method to iRoot Apk for Android” has helped you. Bookmark this site for most recent Rooting Apk’s. Keep visiting to know more about iRoot Download.


Download Line App for PC, Android Apk for Windows 7, 8, 8.1

Download line for PC

Welcome to Occupyleeds, today we’ll be discussing about how to download line for PC. Download the trending online messenger Line app which lets you socialize and communicate with your friends and family and all your contacts for free and gives you the premium experience of calling over data, messaging, video calls, the best emoticon packs for free, files and data transfer, what more can you expect from an online messaging app?

But line app has one more hidden surprise for you, it is now available for windows! Yes, you heard me, you can use the Line Android application on your windows PC as well without any difficulty and can do all what your smart phone allows you to do like online messaging, video calls, voice calls, files transfer and the premium set of emoji’s is free in the PC version as well!

Download line for PC

Download line for PC

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How to Download and Install Line App for Android

Line for Android is one of the leading social platforms with over 10 million successful downloads on play store and still counting. You need a smart phone running on android 4.4 or higher to use the line application on your smart phone. Here is a step by step tutorial about line for pc and how to install.

  • First download the compressed apk file using our provided link, after the download is complete open your file explorer and search your downloaded zipped file in the file explorer. Now when you find it, unzip using the file explorer’s unzipping tool which most  file explorer’s have built in feature.
  • You can also download the full unzipped version too but it will cost you double the data and to save your data we have provided the zipped version of the app.
  • After unzipping the file install the android application on your device like you would install any other application, if you face any problem with that then I would recommend to go in settings > developers options and select the ‘install apps from untrusted sources’ and you will be able to install it without any glitch.
  • Now open the Line App and you will be asked to log in with your existing line account or sign up for the app. you can sign up with the line app with just entering your phone number and entering the one time password that Line will send you.
  • After signing up with the Line app you can search for your friends, family members, classmates or colleagues and everyone on your contacts list weather they are on line app or not.
  • If you find your contacts on line, you can message, call, video call, send emojies and transfer files over data and can communicate with them on the line app itself.

line for pc download

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How to Download and Install Line App for PC

The line app is now available for PC, now that is the most exciting thing about this app that it is available for almost all the operating systems and you can have the best social experience even using your computer, no difference in experience and even better if you use line on your computer because you can then transfer files, send audio video files and your will never run out of space and media!

  • First download the zipped file of the zipped exe application for windows using the provided link, now unzip it using Win Rar or any other unzipping software you have installed on your PC. (You can download the unzipped file too but it will cost you more data, we have provided link for that as well)
  • The file you have downloaded is in exe format that means you can install it as you install any other application on your PC. If you face any trouble installing it on your PC, just right click on the unzipped file and click on ‘run as administrator’ and that will stop your windows defender from causing any more errors and you will be able to install the application without any more issues.
  • Now the signing in part, you can either sign in using an existing line account or you can create a new account. If you select the option of signing up, you will be asked to enter your phone no. and after you enter your phone number, it will ask for the one time password. You will receive that one time password on your phone, enter that one time password and you will be able to successfully create the new line account.
  • You can now chat with all your contacts that are on hike, you can share media and talk on voice calls for free.

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This was the tutorial of how to download Line App for PC, Android Apk for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and how to install and use it. I hope this article helped you and do share your questions using the comment section if you are facing any difficulties installing and using the Line App, we will happy to hear from you. Keep visiting Occupyleeds.co.uk for more. 


India vs Pakistan Live Streaming, Score Watch Online 2016

India vs Pakistan Live Streaming 2016

India Vs Pakistan Live Streaming, Score Commentary Watch Online

Watch the most important cricket match between India and Pakistan live streaming, score commentary online from anywhere all at one single spot!

If you are looking for the live scores and commentary of the most fierce match between India and Pakistan, the two rival countries who nearly come to a friendly war in the field and both the countries come together to celebrate this amazing match.

India vs Pakistan Live Streaming 2016

India vs Pakistan Live Streaming 2016

India Vs Pakistan Live Streaming cricket match is the most widely watches cricket match because the two adjacent countries have great players and all the players from both the countries assemble to play and the TRP of the channel are sky high at that time. No one wants to miss the sanctuary scored by the opening batsman of his or her country and nobody would possibly do something else rather than enjoying the most exiting ICC World CupIndia Vs Pakistan 2016 cricket match with his / her family and friends.

ICC World Cup India vs Pakistan Live Streaming 2016

But we are prepared to help you deal with even the worst situation during the India vs Pakistan live streaming 2016 cricket match. If you live in a metropolitan city and you commute with your car or bike and on the night of match you stuck in traffic, you are honking like a mad man because you do not know what else to do in anger and disappointment. Then you wish you would have paid for Netflix or Tata Sky mobile TV but it is already too late to consider that because the most exiting match of this era has already begun and you can not enjoy it because you are stuck in the traffic, you can’t do anywhere but stay in the car or with your bike. That is where this site comes in handy!

We provide you with all that you need to enjoy the most exiting Live Stream India vs Pakistan ICC world Cup cricket war from anywhere in the world, no matter if you are stuck in your office, if you are stuck in the traffic, you have some important work outside the house or even if your parents grounded you and you can not watch TV. You can enjoy the whole match, you can keep yourself updated with the live scores! You can stream the India vs Pakistan cricket match live on your smart phone or laptop or your tab, it does not matter until it has active internet connection.

If you want to stream the live cricket match between India and Pakistan or want to know the current score or want to hear the commentary of the live match and want to enjoy the most exiting cricket match for both the countries with the mobility and flexibility of doing all that with the help of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop then you have hit the very spot my friend!

India vs Pakistan Live Score, Streaming 2016

India has come strong in this series but do not predict the final results yet as both the teams have tons of new and recognized talents! Pakistani cricket team has a very promising bowling line with the perfect blend of spinners and fast bowlers who can adapt to any situation and can flip the state of the active cricket match any second and yes their charm does work sometimes! On the other hand the Indian cricket team has some of the greatest batsman of all time, the young and also the experienced talent. In a tight situation such as ICC World Cup India vs Pakistan live stream, anything can happen, both the teams are almost equally qualified and they will not lose a chance to defeat the other team.


This India and Pakistan cricket match is going to be one of the most exiting cricket series of the year, it is no less than a festival for more than five billion viewers from all around the world! You rarely see that kind of enthusiasm in the fans of any sport other than football.

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